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5 Things Amanda Mankayi Is Curious About!

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By Amanda Mankayi


Politics: Curious about how politicians always talk about free things and yet when people demand those things they act as if it’s news.
Education: How invaluable education has become over the past years, for instance how strategic positions in public and private sector are mostly occupied by persons who don’t necessarily possess the required education for those positions and yet we have graduates basking in the sun waiting for a miracle.
Sports: How women’s sports are not taken seriously like their male counterparts for instance rugby, I personally played the sport and I was always amazed how not serious we were taken, even our matches were never televised like men’s rugby.
Entertainment: Amazing how people think you should live by a certain standard they have created based on other celebrities and abandon yourself and what makes you a unique self.
Environment: I always wonder why do people in our neighborhood locations always cut trees and leave the place looking bare.
Amanda Mankayi is a songstress that has an album out and her single “Intonga Yam” ft her brother award winning Nathi Mankayi has been has earned her a nomination at this year’s SATMA2016. She also has a single on the album which is dedicated to the Fees Must Fall movement called “Amasoja“. Amanda shared strong feelings about the current situation in the country regarding the movement; “This is a great movement every child deserves education , being a new mother I would like for my daughter to have education that is befitting for her , we don’t know were we will end up as parents but I would be at peace knowing that if anything happens for to me, she will have the best education.”
Catch up with her on social media:
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Instagram – amanda_mankayi
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