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6 things we bet you didn’t know about Ntando Bangani!

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Ntando Bangani dishes on the man behind the spotlight.
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Afro-pop sensation Ntando Bangani has been in the music industry for over a decade and he has shared some details about himself, that only core fans would know.

Even though singer has been in the industry he’s tried to keep his personal life away from the spotlight, and has focused on feeding fans “good music”.

Well during a chat with TshisaLIVE, we got Ntando to let down the guard and spill the beans on some of those ‘hidden secrets’.

Who was your first crush?

“A girl called Sharon. She was a classmate of mine in primary (school). I was so afraid to tell her I like her but I did, eventually… after a long time.”

Tell us about your first kiss …

“It was with a girl named Sibongile. She was my first girlfriend”

Your all-time celebrity crush…

“Rihanna. I think there is something very ghetto about her, some ‘kasi’ vibe that I like. So ya, I kinda like Rihanna but Drake took care of that *laughs*.”

How did you spend your first pay cheque?

“I actually saved it. I wanted a car so bad, so I didn’t even touch it, besides it wasn’t much.”

What would you do if you were given a million right now?

“Why not a billion? Okay… I would use the million to help develop and promote other talented artists”

Describe Ntando in three words…

“Simple, kind-hearted and I think I am funny”


  1. Sphindile Ngcobo - July 31, 2017 5:20 pm

    Halla @ Ntando….
    He’s got to be my favorite afro pop artist. Definitely love his music and when he’s all dressed in Xhosa outfits…

  2. Portia - April 15, 2018 5:51 pm

    Oh Ntando we need you to visit us here in mpumalanga, uyathandwa ndim I love your afro style ,my favourite songs are,Ngomso, izolo lam and kulikhuni ,😁 I love your music


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