Fiesta Black


Singer, songwriter, actress, rapper and MC Fiesta Black aka FB (THE RAIN QUEEN) hails from Titibe Ga Dikgale in Limpopo.

FB (as she’s affectionately nicknamed) is talented performer, songwriter, vocalist and actress. She describes herself as a cheerful person. She finds it important to put her family first before anything else and takes as much time as she needs to relax. Establishing herself in the music industry has not been easy and advises others to not give up. “When it’s time for you to shine then you will shine, when Jesus says yes, nobody can say no. In order to survive in this industry you have to develop a tough skin and not let people bring you down.” she says.

“Giya” which is the new single that FB has dropped for her long awaited return to the game, the song which is very upbeat & full of that quick tongue & feisty Fiesta Black swag. This is FB at her best & it will introduce & remind the masses of the “Queen Nakampe” queen of dance music that she is in “gear” to steer the game back to the top. She has been busy in studio & will be dropping a follow up single to cement her self in the fore front of House music.

Thandi Mokgoankgoa also known as Fiesta Black (FB) is a singer, song writer, actress, rapper and MC. She was born in Titibe Ga Dikgale in Limpopo and grew up in Soweto under the care of her grandmother with 8 siblings. Fiesta Black knew from a very young age that she wanted to be a professional recording artist. She tried out every major audition there is in South Africa, from Pop-stars, Idols to SA got talent. Though she never made it far on any of the competitions, she always knew that she was going to be a star. She started organising events in clubs and performing professionally, switching genres from Hip-Hop to Dance.


It wasn’t long before her performances that she started attracting the right industry connections. she started working with industry giants like DJ Mbuso, Jerah, Iggy Smalls, Chris J, Revolution DJs, Denim, DJ Qness even international names such as Byron Kino. Through guitar extrodinare Jerah, FB met producer and music maestro Tibi (of Blackjack’s Cina fame) and recorded her first dance demo. The demo was heard by DJ Ganyani who immediately wanted to collaborate on a song. The end result was the house banger Xigubu which has been nominated for best hit single and best collaboration on the 13th Metro FM Music Awards. She has also achieved multiple award nominations such as Channel O-Best Gifted Video (Nomination), MAMAs Song of the year (Nomination), KIA SAMAs Record of the Year (Nomination). Metro FM Awards – Song of the year (Nomination)

It is she with the song “Xigubu” that has introduced her talent to hundreds of thousands of fans, an extremely successful track, to put it in perspective; this was Fiesta Black biggest song in 2013

The song’s ethic influences coupled with its dance including beat won the hearts and feet of fans across Africa firmly sealing Fiesta’s stature as an incredible performer.