Joelle Xo


Hip Hop/Pop music’s next big sensation!!

“Something’s come to your life for a season, others come for a lifetime. I’m not like anyone you’ve met before. I’m here to change the game”. Her sound ranges from acoustic pop to a modern revival Hip Hop.

Joelle is a 29 year old Hip Hop / Pop music singer / songwriter and dancer. Born in the DRC (Democratic Republic of Congo), it wasn’t long before her birth that her parents decided to pack up and relocate to South Africa in search for a better life.

Her parents enrolled her into a public school while they worked very hard with the ambition of reaching their dreams. She was very involved throughout school, participated in the school choir and dancing. She started taking her singing talent seriously when she was chosen as the lead singer in her primary school choir.

Her love for music grew; her passion and drive got her to win the national Eisteddfod in 2001. This is when she was convinced that she wanted to sing professionally and make music her career. She met Cash; rapper / songwriter and producer, who got her in studio, it was then that she got influenced into the Hip Hop world. She

Then was introduced to Lydio who steered her into her Pop / acoustic side of music. Unfortunately, she did not release any music. She got discouraged and took a break from the music industry.

After a while out of the recording studio she was introduced to J.Lawless (Justine) and Silas who heard her sound and decided to create beats specifically for her unique sound, she recorded a number of tracks, back to back. It was not long after this that Lance of Muthaland entertainment heard some of her tracks and decided to take her under his wing and work with her to release her music to the world. HISTORY WAS MADE!

Look out for her first single “Gunz” that will be hitting the airwaves & your screens and album will be coming soon check this space. Joelle is a force to be reckoned with and will change the game forever.