Moshe Ndiki

Moshe Ndiki is a stand-up comedian and aspiring actor who exploded into the South African entertainment scene through YouTube. His channel shot him to fame with his videos attracting anything from 10k up to R200k views per video. He quickly became SA’s favourite Vlogger and Influencer.

An online sensation he was born and raised in East London in the suburb of Amalinda, Moshe today is known as the witty, honest, punchline-master and entertainer. After his graduation Moshe found himself unemployed and had to pursuit a job in retail. It was within this time frame that he shot a video to express his frustrations. The moment that video was posted online, his career path had been made.

South Africa has come to love Moshe as a Vlogger and Entertainer. His witty character has landed him gigs with V- Entertainment, MTV Base as a Presenter. Apart from gracing South Africans through these shows he was nominated for South African of the Year by the media powerhouse ANN7. For someone who says this was not his chosen career path he seems to have taken major strides in the right direction. He is building his own niche empire of men and women who love honest, humorous and relatable content. To date his following is over 160 000 followers.

With a new single scheduled to release soon in August Moshe is also proving to be an all-round entertainer. The single will cement his place as an entertainer and he hopes his fans will receive it well. Everyone loves a success story and if Moshe can make it from a state of unemployment to being one of SA’s beloved online sensations there’s no stopping this man on a mission. With the release of the single Moshe also hopes to inspire the LGBT community and spark a real conversation around our society’s perception of gay folks.