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Inspiration, perspiration, perseverance (The Star)

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An artist’s journey is one filled with many obstacles on the way to the top.
And this is something Nancy G wants to be able to show in her music.

“When you find out what that journey is really about, even the poorest person in the street can relate to it.”

Nancy Ginindza, who was born in Swaziland and raised in the UK, is a singer, songwriter, guitarist and social activist who wants to make a real impact in the world.

Not new to the industry, she has worked with and collaborated with several musicians across Africa, including Skwatta Kamp’s Lebo “Shugasmakx” Mothibe, Mxolisi “Zuluboy” Majozi as well as Judith Sephuma, D’Banj and Femi Kuti for the Cocoa Na Chocolate One.Org collaboration.

“I’ve always had that musical bond in my family, and it has always made me happy and brought a lot of joy to my life,” she said.

Her activism is a big part of her life. In the past year, she took part in a number of campaigns with NGOs opposing human trafficking and also participated in agricultural campaigns. The One.Org campaign Cocoa Na Chocolate advocated improved and extended food security on the African continent as part of the Do Agric – It Pays campaign.

“Lately my activism has been around political songwriting and socially conscious music. When I think of the meaning of the word, it really is to play a role in society. We are the people who make things happen in our lives.”

Ginindza said she was all for social upliftment and projects involved in arts and agriculture that would make a difference in someone’s personal life.

“In the history of this country, there is a strong principle of land being the answer to a lot of our problems. How we utilise that land, how land is distributed among the people, that everybody has a home. I do believe that nature is our gift in the material world and if we don’t have access to it, then we become dependent on other things.”

She said if nature could give solutions, it was important to then be able to stand up for it.

“In my music, I’d say I’m more of an inspirational/motivational kind of artist. Lyrically I like to write words that inspire me, so it’s a personal thing and I try and reflect on how my journey has been.

“Trying to support your dreams and fulfil them while there are so many challenges”

She said that through her music, she wanted to be able to reflect a lot of her personal experiences and hoped that the suffering she has gone through will be seen once she receives her glory.

“I think it’s important for people to know that it can be done. It just takes hard work, because nothing in life is easy. The world needs a behavioural change – a different perspective on life. We need to love and appreciate it more,” she said.

Signed to Muthaland Publishing for her songwriting skills, Ginindza will be releasing an album in July.

“It will be a blend of different genres – soul, R&B, House, hip-hop, electronic and dance. Many sounds overall, because I’m trying to get a commercial sound, like an urban pop kind of sound,” she said.

Also planned for the rest of the year is promoting several projects, including her single On Top of The World, making more public appearances and working on her clothing brand where she will focus on making city life street wear.

By: Mpiletso Motumi (IOL)

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