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Nancy G. The Voice of South Africa & Swaziland

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Nancy G brings human warmth woven into her unique sound. Her ability to find fertile ground for moving music in a variety of settings that obliterate genre distinctions, her music offers a much-needed statement of social optimism. Her profound grasp of lyrical content and deeper thought instinctively absorbs her body of work.

Nancy G has performed on international stages in Hungary (Sziget), Germany, UK (Glastonbury), the Swaziland Bush Fire Festival and Lagos (Nigeria) at the Felabration. In South Africa in 2011, Nancy G went on tour with her band The Human Family courtesy of Alliance Francais and played throughout the SADC region – the countries she toured included South Africa, Botswana, Lesotho, Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Swaziland. Nancy G also performed at the Guess Fashion Show 2012 , the Bush Fire Festival Arts festival in her home country Swaziland , the Joy of Jazz Festival and PSL awards on May 2012.

2012 Nancy G UJFM Power circle road show, where she performed across the four campuses to an estimated audience of 50 000 registered University Of Johannesburg students. She was also part of the 2012 Mandela Day celebrations on the South African National Broadcaster’s Campaign on SABC 3, which broadcasts to an estimated 19 million audience across South Africa.

Nancy G’s formulation of the valence of self-awareness and knowledge versus that of instinct is how much of a twist this lends to her compositions.

“What I don’t want to do is get up on a ladder and hit the top. I want it to be within my body experience. I want to be in contact with my soul and the work. ”says Nancy G

She moved to Johannesburg to pursue her creative, artistic, and studio recordings.

after the successful release of her debut single Nancy and the support is gained from National radio station Radio 2000 as well as BBC Radio Nancys perspectives on life began to change. and her awareness towards her own intentions behind her music. turning her creative journey into a life lesson.

Having travelled the world, Nancy G describes her music as African Gypsy Indie Rock. In 2013 Nancy Gs career began to align itself with social development and Nancy G began her journey to use her music to aid causes which aim to alleviate poverty and improve quality of life for all human beings. participating as a panelist and speaker for global initiative such as Ted X Soweto (soweto theater), as well as performing at Africa unmasked Gala dinner at the Bank of America Merrill Lynch’s King Edward Hall.

July 2013 NAncy Was invited to Reunion Island to perform at the annual artist festival and engage with the local community and workshop music with the youth. whilst recording US/SA charity project Ukes and Kids with ICRD Group (South Africa) / Mulatta records (New York). Project consisted of recording a 14 track album of songs written by children from Rural community in Venda. Truly a highlight in Nancy’s highlight in what she refers to as service.

After having been educated about some of the issues Africa’s people are dealing with Nancy felt at the heart of this solution the Creativity played a fundamental part in providing for the future generations, which saw Nancy G take time out from her music career to get in touch with the most Creative of Creators. Mother Earth!!

October 2013 Nancy G partnered with local farm Boys “Kanye Kanye ” to start a Co-op which supports 18 people from the farmers, laborers to chef waiters, musicians and artists. The Co-op is a restaurant/ arts venue named The Lighthouse on 7th, Situated in Melville on 7th Street. Nancy then made return to the music with a live performance on SA’s National radio station Metro FM, where she performed a cover of Michael Jacksons “Man in the Mirror”

Nancy G is currently hard at work recording her new single. when asked what the song was about she replied. “I believe in the truth of science and its simplicity I wrote this song about energy in this case LOVE, not being destroyed of created but transferred or transformed. and recognizing that the creators love blessed her with a song she will live to sing and remind humanity that love is the light in us.”


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