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Soweto’s DJ Rico talks music & Youth Day message

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DJ Rico talks to ZAlebs about his music, growing up in Soweto and why popping bottles is not everything.

DJ Rico is making big waves in the industry, and his skills are getting a lot of attention.

The Soweto DJ’s collaboration with Saak Beats and Golden Black has piqued the interest of indie filmmakers in America who are working on turning a YouTube video they created into a film.

The single in question, Don’t Trip, came about after the trio met at an event in Durban earlier this year, and decided to work together.

The rest, as they say, is history.

DJ Rico says music has always been a key influence in his life, growing up in Soweto.

“It kept me going, even when I reached points where the hunger and the suffering outweighed the strategy and the vision. I grew up in the 2000s, a period where Kwaito dominated the airwaves and it was then when i got inspired by Dj Cleo, who I think is a music production god ,who is very underrated. I think if we changed the content of our music a bit, the youth would be very much inspired because the youth hangs on to every little statement celebrities make. So if we made more constructive music it would be better.”

As the country commemorates the 40th anniversary of the Soweto Uprising, DJ Rico says his message to the youth on June 16, is simple: “Let’s build more and destroy less.”

“Unemployment and drug abuse are the biggest challenges we face in our community. I wish the government could help us more in those areas,” he added.

Many youth see fame and fortune as the answer to their problems, but DJ Rico says it is important to have a good head on your shoulder, to ensure you don’t become consumed by the idea of a celebrity lifestyle.

“Fame is good, I wont lie, because if it’s used well, it can pay rent. Look at Cassper, the brother got rich through fame (and talent of course) but if you let it drug you and give you a big head you will fall of and lose it. Once in a while popping bottles is good, especially when celebrating achievements that move the society forward like graduations, but don’t do it like the other guys, who go broke trying to look rich. We can never preach the gospel about hustling enough, though, no matter how well off you think you are, never stop working.”

Rico is working on a 12 track mixtape called, I Run My Own Race. He says the mixtape has multi-genre tracks, because he does not belong to any genre.

Follow him on Twitter to find out where you can see him in action or listen to his music on Soundcloud.

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