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Sunday Times: Vusi Nova: People in the industry are doing their best to keep others out

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Despite calls for fresh talent from those in music, Vusi Nova claims that people in the industry are doing their best to make sure that young artists do not get the opportunity to shine.

Speaking to TshisaLIVE, Vusi lambasted established artists from blocking others.

“I feel the guys that are in the industry already does their best to keep others out. And I think it’s sad because if we don’t help others then what are making this music for? ” he asked.

Vusi recently took three young upcoming artists under his wing to launch a group called 047. He explained that he did so to undo what he sees as the “sad” state of the industry.

The young boys, Lihle Baleni (20), Sihle Mdaka (21) and Nundu Ngcali (19) hail from Eastern Cape and named their group after their area code 047. They trio’s first song Ubuhle features Vusi.

Vusi said he did not understand why people would keep the doors of opportunity locked if they really had the interest of SA music at heart.

“If the reason behind you making music is anything other than giving people music then you really need to reflect. That should be the reason. So then, why would you want to keep a person outside when they have a song they need to share within them? Why would you keep that person out?”

The Thandiwe hitmaker said he was glad to have the opportunity to impact young people’s lives, but said being a mentor was hard work.

“You know what, it’s a lot of work because they are young and sometimes they do silly things as young people often do. But that is part of life and I see them as blessing to be part of their growth and guide them. That is the sad thing about most artists, they tend to sign with people that don’t believe in you and that is the first mistake.

“I am excited about their future. I am excited for them and how big the song is going to be. That is the kind of belief you need someone to invest in you as an artist. I am willing to be that guy for them.”

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